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Experiments In Cinema v13.6

Screen Used will be showing at this smashing looking film festival on Wednesday. Go Alburquonians…

Experiments In Cinema v13.6 will be held April 10–24, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year is the “Black Material Edition”. Films from the USA and 36 other countries will be presented at Guild Cinema and the African American Performing Arts Center during the festival. 

Download a .pdf of the entire EIC v13.6 program here.

Wanderers and other Nomads: Ecologies of Place brought to Mind

I’m in this group show, curated by Patti Lean…

Wanderers and other Nomads: Ecologies of Place brought to Mind, a show of new work on an environmental theme, by Fine Art students and staff –  foundation to undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and academic staff –  in the Vallum Gallery at Brampton Road, Carlisle CA3 9AY.

Thursday 12 April – Reception, 4.00 -6.00 pm.

Eggs and Aliens

You’d never know it, but…there has been action. Trapped in Glasgow by snow, I hastily re-wrote my contribution to this sold out event The Curios Society at the Whitechapel

(Saturday 3rd March, 3pm, Whitechapel), so that Eggs and Aliens was delivered by ‘Fiona’, the ‘Scottish’ digital Word voice, who, when slowed to somewhere between slow and normal, sounds almost exactly like me anyway. A totally subjective trip from the first Alchemist to alien abduction, via a female mad scientist, two linguist spacewomen and a picnic, Eggs and Aliens‘ images were gamely moved along by the non-digital flesh finger of Robert Williams.

So I missed in person, Robert’s excellent discussions of his work with Dion and the brilliant Kate Briggs’ talk about the alchemy of translation… But I’ve got an audio file – a treat for later today…

Huge thanks to Jane Scarth and the tech team of The Whitechapel for the massive effort and for agreeing to let Fiona speak in the first place.

Fiona’s better than I am at pronouncing ouroboros anyway.



“Assembling on the first three Saturdays of Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural WorldThe Curios Society meets to investigate the weird and wonderful, the unlikely and impossible. 

Alchemy can describe a philosophical tradition, an esoteric practice, a way of thinking and at times, an artistic methodology.

We meet artists Robert WilliamsKate Briggs and Jane Topping to explore ideas of the alchemical in art. From transmutation in translation to the figure of the alchemist in popular film cultures, this talk charts a course through the mysteries and cultural intersections of alchemy.”

Whitechapel website


“The best Blade Runner sequel is Peter by Jane Topping.” Matt M. Lloyd

I thought I was done and dusted with Facebook, and then Matt, director of the Glasgow Short Film Festival, posts this smashing endorsement of Peter.

I’m hoping my new video, working title Peter 2049 of course, will turn out to be the best Blade Runner sequel sequel.

Thanks Matt!




Picnic at Tornado Sands, Arcade East, 23rd Sept. 2017

I’m chuffed to be showing John (2016) in great company as part of Picnic at Tornado Sands, Arcade East, London, opening a week today. Curated by Caroline Stevenson, I’m showing alongside Katy Dove, which is a particular honour. I even got to curate in a couple of tunes: Adagio un poco mosso from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 (a smashing part of Weir’s film of Picnic…) and anything from Stasis by Pye Corner Audio.

Here’s the blurb:

‘To celebrate the launch of Arcade East, Picnic at Tornado Sands presents a programme of short films, performance and pop up shops featuring local artists, designers and makers.

The film screening features work by Wolfgang Tillmans, Jem Cohen, Criodhna Costello, Lizzie Hughes, David Blandy, Fikret Atay, Jane Topping, Katy Dove, Roderick Buchanan, Sadie Benning, Kim Coleman and Laura Buckley. Exploring the precarious balance between memory and reality, nostalgia and longing, the films journey through shared human connections, chance encounters and loss; fleeting moments in time captured through image and sound.

Following the screening, AE Hutch and The Bad Producer will premiere their new project ‘B.P.A.E.’ with a film and live soundtrack entitled ‘The Tears Of A Girl’: a dysphoric journey through the estuarine end of London.

Arcade East was developed to host a themed season of events and installations with a focus on digital practice and innovation each summer as part of a new LCF Arts Programme. Most projects are developed in conjunction with a new an interdisciplinary space, the Digital Learning Lab, which operates at the intersection between traditional and digital practice for design, making and ideation. This summer’s programme focuses on design, technology and performance and this event marks the beginning of a launch series of experimental projects.

The pop up shops will feature unique works from Sina Sparrow, By Me, JPD Ceramics, Marcus Mitchell, Ann Marie Pena, Behind the X, IntoArt and more.

The event is curated by Caroline Stevenson, Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion.

Arcade East Launch is part of London Design Festival 2017.’

Image from Picnic at Tornado Sands by AE Hutch

Image from Picnic at Tornado Sands by AE Hutch

Hospitalfield – on a Sunday morning…

Hospitalfield – there’s something happening here…

Shoulder to Shoulder – FIELDWORK International Summer School co-programmed with Cicely Farrer and Gordon Douglas

Harp Celebration Day to mark the return of the newly renovated Erard Grecian Harp including talks and performances by scholar Simon Chadwick and harpist Sharron Griffiths.

Sculptural commission for the Picture Gallery by artist Simon Bedwell – Society.



Some Press about Peter

Three mentions of Peter, and some ‘professor’…

ITV News, 


Outer Places 12 June 2017

and not forgetting

Cumbrian Crack (really) 26 May 2017

Peter (Screen Shot) Digital film 29:55, 2014, Jane Topping.

Peter (Screen Shot) Digital film, 30 minutes

Peter wins Best PKD Short Film at the 5th Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2017

Peter wins Best PKD Short Film at the 5th Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2017

Thank you to Dan Abella, the PKD crew and to all the filmmakers I met this week. A superb festival… I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. No really, at one point I was surrounded by alien abductees…

Here’s a Facebook thang.

Now, how to wear those laurels..?