Feminist Histories of the Future…

…happened in the past.

Feminist Histories of the Future

Clearly updating this site is not a priority. I’d like (?) to tell you that’s because I’m all about the socials these days but I’m really not, as you well know.

But I should tell you about this symposium to which I contributed back in May. I shared some gossipy gems from Naomi Mitchison’s correspondence which I’ve been delving into at the National Library of Scotland (her childhood rhyming poem describing the evolution of ‘man’ is my current fav). Everyone else’s contribution was far more advanced and it was a delight to hear what my colleagues here at GSA have been up to. An all female cast of contributors from our Feminist Histories Research Group – with the extra treat for me of meeting Grace Borland Sinclair who is also a bit of a NM fan.

All of this was organised by Rebecca Fortnum whose beautiful, thoughtful exhibition Les Praticiennes was also in place. All about the day here. Huge thanks to all at Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, for making everything happen.