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Artist Talk – Moving Mountains Art in the Environment – Millom Palladium

Artist Talk – Moving Mountains Art in the Environment – Millom Palladium

Thank you to Moving Mountains artist and curator Irene Rogen, Phil of the vital Signal Film and Media, Frank (not Santa), Mary (who hung out with Norman Nicholson when she was a child!) and everyone who turned out of my talk in Millom the other week. Drinks were served and badges worn.

Jane Topping, Newspaper or (Memoirs of a Spacewoman) – A No. 35 Project – Opens 12-6pm 8th Dec. 2018

Jane Topping, Newspaper or (Memoirs of a Spacewoman) – A No. 35 Project – Opens 12-6pm 8th Dec. 2018

Consider yourself officially invited to Newspaper, a collaboration with Alex Hetherington – the last of his innovative No.35 projects in Stirling and a celebration of the entire series of shows, performances and films:
More on Alex and his numerous projects here:
The Influencing Machine – ngbk, Berlin – a secret peek…

The Influencing Machine – ngbk, Berlin – a secret peek…

Hi you,

I maybe shouldn’t share these images, which are merely mocks, but I’m too excited about the incredible work going on in Berlin, towards the ngbk* show The Influencing Machine. My work will be in the show, and in the associated publication.

The show is curated and made real by a working group consisting of Vladimir Cajkovac (curator), Kristina Kramer (translator and curator), Bettina Lehmann (curator), Sophie Macpherson (artist), Tahani Nadim (academic), and Neli Wagner (curator), plus all the good folk at ngbk.

Contributing artists include Anna Bromley, Kajsa Dahlberg, Egemen Demirci, Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, Fokus Grupa, Eva & Franco Mattes, Mimi Onouha & Mother Cyborg, Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken, Tactical Tech, Jane Topping, Sarah Tripp, Clement Valla, Laura Yuile

The exhibition seeks to address recent debates on the manipulations of socio-political processes (particularly elections) by bots, automated processes programmed to interfere in online networks and communications. We are interested in extending the available vocabulary and imagination for talking and thinking about the phenomenon of “political bots” in a two-fold manner: Firstly, by focusing on the socio-material dimensions of “bots” (infrastructures, labour processes, historical narratives) and secondly, by suggesting that technologies such as bots are always already political, that is, they are the articulation of historically specific interests and positions.  (Tahani Nadim)

The Influencing Machine runs: December 1st  to January 20th. We should, like, totally go.

See also:

*The neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK), founded with a grass-roots structure in 1969, is today one of Germany’s most significant and largest art societies. The unique structure of the nGbK enables its members to directly influence its thematic orientation: exhibitions, interventions, research projects, event series and publications are developed in interdisciplinary project groups. The nGbK has established itself as an innovative venue for contemporary art and exhibition production which has left its mark on generations of curators, artists and creatives, and whose experimental exhibition concepts count as path-breaking. They have provided important impetus and continue to engage with relevant socio-political topics. Themes such as racism, National Socialism and urban politics are negotiated time and again, with a further focus placed on (post)migrant, (post)colonial and gender issues. 
nou is a semi-finalist at the Australian Independent Film Festival 2018

nou is a semi-finalist at the Australian Independent Film Festival 2018

Smashing to find that the AIFF has had its interest piqued by nou (2018), but can I get to Brisbane based on this, relatively flimsy, excuse..?



The Bear

The Bear

Close the internet! This is my colleague R’s new house mate. I kid you not. This is The Bear.

As of today, no further cats are required.

Peter & nou – new images

Shot by designer Matthew Walkerdine for his website, I’ve half inched these gorgeous new images of Peter & nou.

All those ‘corrections’ in Peter were drawn by me and then scanned and overlaid on the original text by Matt. Matt is, as is artist Jessica HigginsGood Press.


Harrison – the bookmark

Harrison – the bookmark

So, this exists. You can get one at Poundland – for a limited time before the high street leaks into an oily black sinkhole.

nou (2018)

nou (2018)

As you may have gathered, Peter (2014) has a partner and an opposite. Here’s a link to a 2 minute clip of my new video, nou (2018): nou clip.

nou (18 mins, 2018) – Inspired by Scottish socialist writer Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman, nou is a tale of space travel, hypnosis and transformation – across time and space, from an alien world to a dentist’s chair. nou is the sequel to Peter (2014), which won Best PKD Short Film at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, New York, 2017.

nou was first shown at Glasgow International 2018, as part of the always exciting Old Hairdresser’s programme, Old Hair, curated by Rob Churm.

Sound design for nou was by the inimitable Mark Vernon.

Peter & nou – the book(s)

Here’s my new publication, Peter & nou.

Matt and Jess at Good Press organised this and Matthew Walkerdine designed it too. It’s element heavy, with a sticker of a lab rat in a kaleidoscopic space/time traveling tunnel included for you, gratis. You’re welcome.

It comprises a book called Peter (like the film Peter, 2014), a book called nou (like the film nou, 2018), two postcards and an envelope – all in a beautiful box. The whole package echoes the dimensions of a DVD ‘boxset’ and if you post off your envelope, you get yet another book sent straight back to you. Well you will, when I get the gorgeous new return envelopes made up. Hang in there…

Get your copy now – a limited edition of only 250 – available from Good Press here.

ISBN: 978-1-9995858-0-8

Speculative Realism and Science Fiction by Brian Willems

Finally, I get it. I think so anyway. This book is currently changing my heed, into a marginally more understanding heed. And an excited heed. Thank you Brian Willems for using the right tools for this geek. And thanks too to Rob Churm for programming a talk by Brian into the Old Hair Programme as part of GI 2018. 

Do yourself a favour and buy Speculative Realism and Science Fiction by Brian Willems.