Free Fire

Here’s a trailer for the new Ben Wheatley/Amy Jump film Free Fire. Just like early High-Rise, reviews are not good, but have faith. One big shootout with Michael Smiley back in the mix? Like the last 2 minutes of Ressie Dogs, but for 120 minutes? One word or two? It’ll be fine. FINE.

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Ali Smith on Pauline Botty

This sharp wee piece on Botty is a good read (thank you Rodge). Plus a link to Adam Curtis’ blog post on her too. Though I’m in a bit of a mood with Curtis this week – I require some optimism in these dark days… Seeing Mark Cousins in the park today helped a bit.

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They Live

It had been years, and my excuse was the dissemination of Carpenter paranoia to the Fine Art students of the University of Cumbria Institute of Arts (in a rare mention here), so we watched They Live. It is virtually perfect. It’s not The Thing, but it’s close. More influential than you remember/was at the time you last…

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New Adam Curtis is 16 days away

Adam Curtis

Acclaimed filmmaker, Adam Curtis brings his new epic film, HyperNormalisation to BBC iPlayer this October. The film will premiere at 9pm on Sunday 16 October. HyperNormalisation tells the extraordinary story of how we got to this strange time of great uncertainty and confusion – where those who are supposed to be in power are paralysed…

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Trigger Words @ The GPS

Alasdair Gray

How smashing of Ross Sinclair to invite us in as he finished installing his work in this group show. Sorry John, Claire and the install team… Trigger Words – 24th September – 13th November ‘Trigger Words’ features a group of artists each of whom have created work that is inspired by or somehow relates to…

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John Samson @ GoMA

from The Third Eye Magazine

Popped in with the UoCIoA students – thanks to Will Cooper.  Hit it at the rubber point. ‘1975–1983’ presents the complete works of enigmatic Scottish filmmaker, John Samson (1946–2004). This is the first museum exhibition of the five films Samson made during his lifetime. A worker on the Clyde shipyards, as a teenager Samson was…

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