Soft Focus

soft focus

Another superb talk from Fiona Jardine – she never fails. This time she spoke about the connections between photographic development, analogue and digital, and the way cosmetic companies sell us product. Plus, thank goodness someone is talking about the darkroom scene in The Omen! From the Tramway website: Soft FocusTalk, T5 TramwaySunday 26 July, 2pm-3.30pm…

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A postcard

Tight Postcard Detail

Here’s a thing I made on Monday. I’ve missed rubber. Maybe this is a Muriel Spark and rubber summer?

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The Persistence of Type


Also at the Tramway is this show by Fiona, Sophie and Maeve (Jardine, Dyer and Redmond). The 3 screen video is particularly luscious. Lots to see and hear around the show too – I’ll be fitting in Soft Focus by Mairi MacKenzie (26th July 2pm) and the second part of Anna McLauchlan’s new performance (23rd…

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The Driver’s Seat – National Theatre of Scotland

NTS - The Drivers Seatwr

This was such a good production, I rushed out and bought the novel. It’s going to be a Muriel Spark summer… From the Tramway’s website… Adapted for the stage for the first time, The Driver’s Seat is one of renowned novelist Muriel Spark’s most gripping and disturbing books. At the centre of this taut, darkly comic thriller…

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