Death 24 x A Second

Death 24 x A Second, Laura Mulvey

Laura Mulvey’s Death 24 x A Second (2006) has got me hooked at the moment. Buy it here. Read an interview with Mulvey here: Mulvey Interview 2007

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Emmanuel Carrère

Here’s a link to a wee piece on Emmanuel Carrère in the Guardian the other day. His book I am Alive and You are Dead was a great help when making Peter.

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How do YOU pronounce Behemoth?

Illustration by David Black

It’s a first for me; reading a book recommended by a T-shirt of Gregor Wright’s. Or rather, reading a book on which a T-shirt was based. Read Mikhail Bulgakov’s lightly & wittily written, vividly realised, image-packed masterpiece here. There’s a solvent cat involved.

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Further Rigour Urgently Required

Thought you might enjoy this scathing review of my GoMA show in 2005 that I’ve just found online. I used to know who wrote it, but I don’t expect it matters. In summary: Local journalist is outraged by artist’s interest in process, her expectations of her audience and the anti-didactic black abyss that is work…

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