Consumed – David Cronenberg

Thinking about my work this week, I realise that Cronenberg’s Consumed (2014), his first novel, is actually kinda pivotal. Two lovers connecting via Skype, the cannibalism of a French philosopher, gadget (camera) obsession, 3D printer recreation of the body via email instructions, Kim Jong-un. See what I mean? No wonder I’m making Screen Used. Sure, you could call it sub-Ballardian, but it’s…

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Muriel Spark

And I’ll be having a break from Muriel for a while – if you’re to read just one, make it The Public Image. To be continued…

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Chantal Akerman 1950-2015 on Film Studies for Free

Chantal Akerman

Film Studies For Free NO HOME MOVIE: In Warm Memory of Chantal Akerman (1950-2015)Posted: 06 Oct 2015 07:21 AM PDT Akerman’s search for images that represent nothing, and mean nothing else (except perhaps themselves – and even this is difficult enough) while she focuses her camera on observing the minutiae of women’s lives, is expressed in…

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Rereading this beauty today. William Gibson does Tokyo – well.

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Death 24 x A Second

Death 24 x A Second, Laura Mulvey

Laura Mulvey’s Death 24 x A Second (2006) has got me hooked at the moment. Buy it here. Read an interview with Mulvey here: Mulvey Interview 2007

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Emmanuel Carrère

Here’s a link to a wee piece on Emmanuel Carrère in the Guardian the other day. His book I am Alive and You are Dead was a great help when making Peter.

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