The Ugly Construction of Beauty

The Women: 8 Films Digital Film 15:27 2013, The Women, Solo exhibition, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow, 2013, Jane Topping.

Here’s a paper that I delivered (remotely) at: MOD ART 13 MODERN ART CONFERENCE on Beauty and Ugliness, 25th to 27th November 2013, Istanbul, Turkey The Ugly Construction of Beauty Jane Topping, Programme Leader BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Cumbria, U.K. Keywords: Fine Art, Gender identity, Performance, Appropriation Abstract In film, a woman’s desire…

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The Luck of Edenhall

My contribution to this group exhibition’s publication, 2014. Curated by Linda Fitzgerald. In 1989, when we were both 17 and I had learnt to drive, Ross (my best friend and boyfriend) and I took a trip north. At a seaside village on the west coast of Scotland, we visited a jumble sale in the church…

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The Nabokov Paper

My contribution to The Nabokov Paper book, by Kate Briggs and Lucrezia Russo. Published by information as material.   36Q (6)BLEAK HOUSE Give the structural scheme of Bleak House in terms of its main thematic centers and their interconnecting lines. Outside Bleak House: A Transcript of Sorts (Red on black) London. Westminster Bridge, policeman in the…

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