Transit #3 and everything crooked will become straight

Published on the occasion of TRANSIT #3 and everything crooked will become straightGlasgow Short Film Festival 2016, curated by Transit Arts, March 2016.

Including contributions from Marcus Jack, Denise Bonetti, Jane Topping, and Stephen Nelson.

Black risograph print with red card cover, designed by Marcus Jack.
137 x 194mm, 36pp

Edition of 120
Signed and numbered

As I’m not going to reproduce the entire work here, I hope Marcus will forgive this publication of his introduction and my contribution, both now completely out of context…

This small publication collects fragments of text and image which choose to confront transgression, in sympathy and antipathy, through a language commandeered from the technological era. Repeated, deleted, rewritten, and enhanced, human behaviour is processed; morality is codified; infraction is sequenced; and

everything crooked is made straight.

Adoplhe Quételet’s A Treatise on Man counters the singularity of murder through statistics; Stephen Nelson’s palimpsestic, ascemic poetry renounces meaning in favour of pure visual data; my article on Egon Schiele contests the transgressive as an economic gambit; Jimmy Reid’s Rectoral Address challenges the ongoing codification of marginalising habits; Denise Bonetti mines the dense rancour of Roosh V to programme a new subtext; and, Jane Topping reboots Blade Runner’s Esper machine to kick-start the viewer’s impossible descent into the image.

Together these dissident fragments collate histories and situations to incite a new kind of consciousness. They bring to the fore the codes and systems through which we now view the world and ask us to challenge them, to again problematise morality, to step forward and not back, to crook that which appears straight.

Marcus Jack

Published on the occasion of TRANSIT #3: and everything crooked will become straight, the third instalment in a series of artists’ film screening programmes.
Further details can be found on p.34 – 36 [of the publication]