November, 2016

Stories We Tell – Sarah Polley

Enjoyed this film last night. The family are so literate and handsome, it makes it even more tricky to identify the acting from reality. Sweet, touching – does exactly what it aims to – and is a far greater undertaking than one might guess at the outset.

Watch the trailer for Stories We Tell here.

Who is making this thing anyway..?

Who is making this thing anyway..?

Rob Kennedy – Play Dis

Dying to get to see Rob’s show (screening & discussion at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh) – at Talbot Rice – not least because we appear to have had recent thoughts of latex glove manufacturing in common…

Play Dis info here.

Screen shot - Rob Kennedy

Screen shot – Rob Kennedy

Screen shot - Jane Topping

Screen shot – Jane Topping

Bruce McLean does the Friday Event

I’m so often not gatecrashing a GSA@GFT Friday Event, that when I do it’s like being a student again, except a really unfashionable and guileless one – with boring hair.

Bruce bumbled along, his tales of meeting beautiful, mysterious & wise women at the art school reminiscent of Alasdair Gray’s and every other guy of progressing years who couldn’t believe their luck (zzzzzz…) didn’t get me off to a good start. But there was a great story about a fuming Beuys installing in Venice and the day being saved by Bianca Jagger hanging Warhol in transformative order – you can read this in his new book I expect. Pose Band and potato painting my highlights.

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Seriously, the women were wild…

Ahhhh, the past is another country

horizon-99 museum-magogo

And here are two flyers proving just that. Originally made of paper/card=trees, for shows I was in in 1999. Thank you Project Room.

Words – in pictures

Here’s what I’ve been reading, in no particular order.



Eye Eye, a gif of mine will be part of FOMO: a night that brings together electronic music, short film and performance art. Cheers Erika and FOMOs.

FOMO#3, The Dancehall at the Rum Shack, Glasgow, 25th November 2016.

Beljoxa's eye 39k

Screen Used on F’Bk

Take a look at some details & the Press Release right here.


Screen Used…

…opens tonight at Patricia Fleming Projects…

Here is what you can expect…

Horses, horses, horses, horses...

Horses, horses, horses, horses…


“That’s not my kind of place.”

Carolanne, get your hands off of that telly

Carol-anne, get your hands off of that telly

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

Screen Used – Opens 6-8pm Sat. 19th November at Patricia Fleming Projects


Michael Snow interviewed in 1983

Snow’s mellow tones are perfect for a Sunday morning. Watch this interview that Channel 4 made and broadcast in 1983. Impossible to imagine telly being this thoughtful and slow again.

Watch Snow stuff, like Wavelength (1967) and his 2003 version WVLNT (Wavelength For Those Who Don’t Have the Time).

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“Why is it so long?”

“It’s only three hours, it’s not twenty four hours.”

Well quite.