September, 2016

Milano Chow – Egg and Tongue

And also dropped into Mary Mary to see Milano Chow’s solo show.

Milano Chow

Milano Chow, 2016

Jo McGonigal – SHIFT

Popped in to see this show at Patricia Fleming Projects last night…


Dirty Gold, 2016


Katy Dove at DCA

A memorial exhibition of drawings, collages, paintings, prints and animations by much-loved artist Katy Dove (1970 – 2015). A former student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design who created meditative spaces through her combinations of sound and image, and contemplative responses to colour and rhythm. On until 20th November. katy_web_212_300_70

All from the DCA website

Targeted Advertising becomes an Ouroboros

While footering around, asking the net yet more questions about Blade Runner (there are always more), I was targeted by my own t-shirt. I’m strangely proud. If you like Blade Runner, then you’re bound to like… Click to make big…

Proof, were it needed, that I am in Blade Runner.

Proof, were it needed, that I am in Blade Runner.

Transit Zines – Aye Aye Books – CCA

You can now grab any of the Transit publications for £5 at Aye- AyeBooks in CCA Glasgow, or online at

Each limited-run zine contains experimental writing and image-based work in beautiful risograph print from the folks at Footprint Workers Co-op.


Photo: Ivaylo Andreev

Photo: Ivaylo Andreev

Three Cats…

…are surely better than no cats at all? Went to Nicolas Party’s opening at the Modern on Friday. 57cf36d0e76a4-large

The Brontës, how are they doing?

With a Keeprese salad (thank you Kirsty!) and a bottle of red wine in the boot, it was off to the Parsonage, to catch up on the latest. Actually, the museum has had a shot of cash and there was a great wee temporary curation by Tracy Chevalier of some of Charlotte’s works and bits, Charlotte Great and Small.

Haworth’s beer/fish and chips provision remains top notch. Night time graveyard planning meeting made all the more terrifying by crows dropping what sounded like bricks, tyre irons and so forth on our quaffing heads.

Keeper, Emily's mastiff

Keeper, Emily’s mastiff

A salad

A delicious salad

Kathryn Elkin – Television

It’s the last week of Kathryn Elkin’s show Television at the CCA. Get along to see it.

- helen mirren - helen mirren - helen mirren - helen mirren -

– helen mirren – helen mirren – helen mirren – 

And here’s Kathryn on Vimeo.

Pizza – Neil Bickerton

I lay my cards on the table: there’s nothing Neil Bickerton does that I don’t like, artwise, certainly. And here is his latest, presented by at the CCA and streamed live on YouTube. Around an hour of tense, often funny, always revealing, pizza-threaded stuff. This is who’s using the internet and this is how they are using it my friends. Eye opening/watering for this (virtual) net refusenik/luddite.

It’s Neil’s lightness of touch that makes this all the more compelling.


Start watching at 18.53 minutes.


A Pizza, yesterday.


That Which Remain – Mount Stuart

Another triumph from Lorna Macintyre in the ludicrous, palatial, often edible environs of Mount Stuart. Also featuring excellent works, old and new by Kate Davis, Lucy Skaer and Monya Flannigan and, as they say, much much more. Visit the website here:

That Which Remain

No images emerging as yet, so here’s a beauty of Lorna’s made for the recent exhibition Ur Phenomenon, a two person show with Nick Evans.