April, 2016

Moyra Davey – Notes on Blue

It’s back! Watch Davey’s auto/biographical video essay here. Not sure how long the Walker will have it up, so watch right now. Thanks Lorna!

Interview with Davey, about Notes on Blue and t’internet here.

Hallway Notes-on-Blue-super8-intro Notes-on-Blue-still-iphone

Tales of the Forgotten Future Part 2 – Lewis Klahr

Saw this on Monday night.

hi-fi cadets_GRAB

Tales of the Forgotten Future Part 2: Five O’clock Worlds – Lewis Klahr, 1989-1990


Fantom Cinema

For the whole Fantom Cinema program at the Old Hairdresser’s, look here.


Vernon & Burns

At the Old Hairdresser’s on Thursday for Vernon & Burns’ latest – and it was magic. As was Torsten’s digital wallpaper with player piano (I know!) and Anneke Kampman’s assured performance. Listen to other works by Anneke here.

Mondo, Vernon and Burns

Mondo, Vernon and Burns

British Art Show 8

Apart from automatic yet correct support for long time/term fav. Ciara Phillips, I was pretty underwhelmed by BAS8 at the Modern 1 and Inverleith House last week. Highlights were Simon Fujiwara‘s video Hello and the middle portion of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s Dodo. Always good to check up on Charlotte Prodger’s work too of course.


Hello (film still) 2015


Cardiff and Miller

Road Trip (2004) is actually hilarious – nothing to do with memory, family or cancer really. It’s relationship critique genius. Two more here.


Heathers (1994) – Karen Kilimnik

I know, I know. I knew about this, but now I’m finally watching it…

Scrunchies on repeat here.

Too long for you is it, you YouTube yoof? Then try Introducing Tabitha (2011).

Heathers at Sprueth Magers, 2008

Heathers at Sprueth Magers, 2008

Liz Magic Laser

Maybe because I’ve been watching Inside Obama’s Whitehouse for the last month, I also liked this this morning. Interview with Liz here. Also, here’s her TED critique The Thought Leader (2015).

Liz Magic Laser, The Digital Face, 2012 performance and two channel video

Liz Magic Laser, The Digital Face, 2012
performance and two channel video

She Had Her Gun All Ready 1978

“She Had Her Gun All Ready” by Vivienne Dick with Lydia Lunch and Pat Place (1978)


Violette Leduc

The embodiment of de Beauvoir’s theory, so she is, apparently. Need to read some Violette Leduc asap…

Violette Leduc et Simone de Beauvior

Violette Leduc et Simone de Beauvior, je pense.