February, 2016

Infinite Jest has been illustrated with Lego by Sebastian Griffith and his son.


p. 322. Eschaton is the most complicated children's game anybody around E.T.A.'d ever heard of.

p. 322. Eschaton is the most complicated children’s game anybody around E.T.A.’d ever heard of.

Thank you MACFA

Screened Screen Used for the University of Cumbria MACFA students on Thursday. Thank you to you all for your thoughtful attention, extremely helpful critique and ticker-tape. Changes are being made…

Screen Used Eyes touch on screen


This Is Now – Film and Video after Punk

Popped into this Glasgow Film Festival compilation of film and video at the Tramway yesterday and caught these:

THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY (15.55– 17.10) Provocative filmmakers in the early 1980s pursued occult interests, treating the moving image like a mirror or a crystal ball; a surface of divination to remap perception and question distinctions between what is and what might be, the objective and the subjective, the body and the mind. The programme includes challenging, transgressive work originally connected to the industrial scene.

Jill Westwood, The Wound, 1984, 18 min Cordelia Swann, Winter Journey in the Hartz Mountains, 1983, 12 min Michael Kostiff, Liquid Video, 1983, 10 min Akiko Hada, The Branks, 1982, 7 min Holly Warburton, All Veneer and No Backbone, 1980-84, 5 min Richard Heslop, 23 Skidoo: F.U.G.I., 1983, 5 min Jennifer Binnie, Grayson/Flowers/Jewels, 1985, 3 min Judith Goddard, Lyrical Doubt, 1984, 16 min

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR (17.10 – 18.00) Early independent video releases were the revolutionary, DIY antidote to a television system that was only just gearing up to a fourth channel. They bypassed censorship and provided a platform to the marginalised and unsanctioned. This eclectic selection includes a very rare John Smith title and punchy, stuttering Scratch Video works by The Duvet Brothers, Kim Flitcroft & Sandra Goldbacher, Gorilla Tapes and George Barber.

John Smith, Echo and the Bunnymen: Shine So Hard, 1981, 32 min The Miners’ Campaign Tapes: The Lie Machine, 1984, 16 min

Codrelia Swann’s Winter Journey in the Hartz Mountains was the clear winner for this appropriator.

For the full line up, see the Tramway website here.

In-Excelsis-Deo eventsrot

It’s Back

Daily inspiration once more on my commute. Feels like a long time coming.

The Return of Cockforest

The Return of Cockforest

Merlin James – Long Game

Yesterday I loved and was occasionally baffled by Merlin‘s show at the CCA. It’s an absolute must. So clever, still warm.



Peter – the pages

KMBT_C224e-20141211153235Page 1 of my contribution to the Transit #3 publication. …Searching…


(Adapted by Archie Goodwin. Pencilled by Al Williamson & Carlos Garzon. Inked by Al Williamson, Dan Green and Ralph Reese. Coloured by Marie Severin (sorry Marie) ©Marvel Comics International Ltd., a subsidiary of Codence Industries Corporation, GRANDREAMS LTD., London, 1982)

No Home Movie

I was working out how to best shorten a film, then I saw Chantal Akerman’s No Home Movie and have started to think better of it. Kicked off by an excellent introduction by an academic whose name I didn’t catch & whom I can’t find mentioned elsewhere (sorry), Akerman’s last film really does make you ‘feel time in your body’. And want to call your mum.

No Home Movie, 2015

No Home Movie, 2015

Endgame at The Citz

Once I decided that this wasn’t metaphorical, and that the characters where actually living at the end of the world, the fear became almost unbearable for this idiot. I remember laughing at times, but now I’m not sure why. I’m no suds aficionado, but this pair are clearly wasted on Corrie.



A classic of modern theatre, Beckett’s absurd and macabre play stars David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne.

Languishing between life and death, the tyrant Hamm (played by David Neilson) and his dutiful but resentful companion Clov (Chris Gascoyne) are irrevocably bound to one another.

They pass their days in a filthy, bare room, caught in a loop of futile routines. Their endless and brutal verbal jousting match is punctured only by the nostalgic reminiscing of Hamm’s parents, reduced to living in rubbish bins.

Absurd and macabre, Endgame makes a grim joke of life, and finds laughter in the darkness. Dominic Hill, Artistic Director of the Citizens Theatre, brings his talent for gripping and absorbing contemporary interpretations of classic texts to Beckett’s masterpiece.

Cast Interviews

From Citizens Theatre Website

Mark Leckey

Practice Angst made me watch Mark Leckey’s YouTube channel before sunrise on Sunday.

You should try it some time. Afterwards I made a good film. We can speculate on the Leckey Effect at a later date.


Mark Leckey in the Long Tail, performance at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London January 31, 2009. (Photo credit: Mark Blower)


The Woodmans (2010)

Watched this documentary this weekend. See it on YouTube here.

This was the first work of Francesca’s I ever saw, and still one of my favourites of all time…


Francesca Woodman, Self-Portrait Talking to Vince (1975-1978); courtesy George and Betty Woodman