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Peggy Awesh

An email has told me that at the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival this year, this will be happening:

‘New York-based artist Peggy Ahwesh‘s first major presentation in the UK will include an exhibition and three screenings devoted to her vast span of work from the 1980s to the present. In a career that began with Pittsburgh punk and working on set with the late George A. Romero, Ahwesh’s practice uses the innovative, the hilarious, to explore a broad range of questions about artists’ filmmaking and history, documentary strategies, collage, feminism, queerness, punk, transgression, improvisation, childhood, adaptation, humor, hypnosis, video game and internet culture, addiction, pornography, and more.
Ahwesh will be present in Berwick for the Festival to introduce one of the most varied and sublime bodies of work in the field of artists’ film and video.’

Woo hoo! Here are two of her works, chosen at random and both blindingly great…

From Romance to Ritual (1985)

The Third Body (2007)

More on Berwick here.

Ahwesh on UbuWeb here.


Recital – Sarah Forrest

I like everything that Sarah makes, but Recital, which I was looking at yesterday, is unbelievably great.

Recital (2016)

Sarah on Vimeo

Twilight City, 1989

Made for Channel 4, Black Audio Film Collective’s Twilight City is the absolute, no question, stand-out work at the CCA’s The Sky is Falling show. Get along, get comfy and watch it all…

Trailers for three other Black Audio Film Collective works here.

Family History – Gillian Wearing

I love this work and this book. I love GW. More on Family History here.

Family History, Gillian Wearing - the catalogue, 2007

Family History, Gillian Wearing – the catalogue, 2007

Sans Soleil

Revisiting Marker’s 1983 Sans Soleil this weekend was like visiting an old friend, one who has aged beautifully and is more inspirational than ever. Sigh.

Watch it here.

Screen Shots – Sans Soleil…

Screen Shot - Sans Soleil

About an hour of Christian Marclay’s The Clock

Because all montage brings you here. Isn’t interesting how we’re forced to watch this, the most precise of works? Out of time, off beat, from the side, in dribs and drabs. Thanks to

About an hour of Christian Marclay’s The Clock.

About The Clock here.

Watches and clocks are the least of it.

Watches and clocks are the least of it.

Infinite Jest has been illustrated with Lego by Sebastian Griffith and his son.


p. 322. Eschaton is the most complicated children's game anybody around E.T.A.'d ever heard of.

p. 322. Eschaton is the most complicated children’s game anybody around E.T.A.’d ever heard of.

It’s Back

Daily inspiration once more on my commute. Feels like a long time coming.

The Return of Cockforest

The Return of Cockforest

Ben Wheatley

Oh when will you finish High-rise Ben? Early reviews were worrying, but I know it’ll be ok in the end.

In the mean time, I’ll be re-watching genre melting Kill List and the peerless A Field in England. Amy Jump’s writing is simply breathtaking.

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The rise and fall of the videophone

David Foster Wallace – this is why he is the greatest. A daily inspiration and currently the driver of the film I’m working on.

A videophone, yesterday

A videophone, yesterday