Things I have seen with my eyes

Spolia – Lorna Macintyre at Cample Line

What a beautiful day it was to be motoring through parts of the country I normally only glimpse from a hurtling train, with L and N, past distant lamb and dry stane dyke, towards Cample Line.

Lorna’s excellent show, Spolia, manages to seamlessly meld geology, ancient mysterious objects and sculpting (both natural and intentional) with Irn Bru and Neil’s DVD player remote. Must be how I’m thinking about things right now (after scrutinising images of my recent photos, searching for squares, pixels) but Spolia also speaks eloquently about levels of resolution, density and the stuff of all surfaces. Which is the stuff of us all.

A great sarnie offering too – and a chance to catch up with Katie Anderson, one of our fine Fine Art artist alumni. Thank you to Tina, Holly, Katie, Andy and all at Cample Line.

Lorna Macintyre, Spolia, 2017

Lorna Macintyre, Spolia, 2017

Lorna Macintyre, Spolia, 2017

Lorna Macintyre, Spolia, 2017

Roger Hiorns at the Ikon

Thanks to a University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts related trip South, I got to see the Hiorns show at the Ikon (Birmingham). He seems like an old chum, having seen his work at Transmission and installed it at the Collins Gallery (University of Strathclyde, and now long gone) back in the day (that’s the early 2000s to you, jeez). The show looked to me like a sleek apocalypse – and he’s great with the traces of longing and nostalgia for youth (or is that youths?).

Also, the catalogue is a single essay (by Ruth Noack), surrounded by around 500 images of work and research, kinda, allegedly, un-curated. Delicious.

Roger Hiorns, Ikon Gallery, 2017

Roger Hiorns, Ikon Gallery, 2017

Kate Davis at the GFT

An early 2017 treat and a great way to become excited about Kate’s forthcoming film, a result of the Margaret Tait Award 2016, was this screening of Disgrace, Denkmal and Weight at the GFT on Sunday.

Thank you Davis and LUX Scotland.

Denkmal, Kate Davis

Screenshot of Denkmal, Kate Davis


Screenshot of Disgrace, Kate Davis

Weight, Kate Davis

Screenshot of Weight, Kate Davis

Streetwise – Martin Bell – 1984

After an hour of scrambling around in that internet last week, big thanks to Calum and Stasia for pointing out to me that this whole, heartbreaking, documentary is on YouTube here.


Project X

Watch this terrifying study of a journey and a building here.

“A top-secret handbook takes viewers on an undercover journey to Titanpointe, the site of a hidden partnership. Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, Project X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.

This film is the product of a joint reporting project between Field of Vision and The Intercept.”

Interview with the filmmakers here.


The FBI occupies the entire 23rd floor of 26 Federal Plaza, seen here behind 33 Thomas Street. Still from “Project X”

25 years of reeves & mortimer the poignant moments

Vic and Bob – Vic and Bob – Vic and Bob.

25 years though – how the hell did that happen?

Some random clips here.

Kenneth Stot - thisisyourlieeeeef

Kenneth Stot – thisisyourlieeeeef



Stories We Tell – Sarah Polley

Enjoyed this film last night. The family are so literate and handsome, it makes it even more tricky to identify the acting from reality. Sweet, touching – does exactly what it aims to – and is a far greater undertaking than one might guess at the outset.

Watch the trailer for Stories We Tell here.

Who is making this thing anyway..?

Who is making this thing anyway..?

Bruce McLean does the Friday Event

I’m so often not gatecrashing a GSA@GFT Friday Event, that when I do it’s like being a student again, except a really unfashionable and guileless one – with boring hair.

Bruce bumbled along, his tales of meeting beautiful, mysterious & wise women at the art school reminiscent of Alasdair Gray’s and every other guy of progressing years who couldn’t believe their luck (zzzzzz…) didn’t get me off to a good start. But there was a great story about a fuming Beuys installing in Venice and the day being saved by Bianca Jagger hanging Warhol in transformative order – you can read this in his new book I expect. Pose Band and potato painting my highlights.

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Seriously, the women were wild…

AMIF 2016 – evening session…

Managed to get to Tramers in time for the last three events of the Sarah Tripp curated Saturday bit of the Artist Moving Image Festival yesterday. So annoyed to have missed favourite Kate Briggs‘ performance earlier.

Aniara Omann‘s performance (by John Nicol) took us back to teenage bedrooms, plaintive singing along…

Catalogue by Holly Antrum contained some fantastic readings by Jennifer Pike on 16mm.

Sian Robinson Davis‘ self-selecting squirm-fest was genuinely on the edge of disaster at all times. Riveting, insanely brave, made entirely by the generosity of overall good egg, plucked from the audience, who’s name, criminally, escapes me. Eve? Stewart Lee-esk at times – just how straight can comedy be?


Milano Chow – Egg and Tongue

And also dropped into Mary Mary to see Milano Chow’s solo show.

Milano Chow

Milano Chow, 2016