Items of note

French Windows – Ian Emes 1972

This is pretty incredible – 1972, Ian Emes. After French Windows was shown on the Whistle Test, Pink Floyd picked up the phone…

French Windows

Sedmikrasky (Daisies) 1966

After a morning of psychedelic drifting, mask learning/making, killing fruit flies, I’m watching Věra Chytilová‘s Daisies today.

Watch it too!


The Human Voice

Ever had a bad break-up? Well, at least you didn’t hang on the phone, calling them darling and agreeing to keep the dog (although, you should always keep the dog).

Watch this (made-for-tv 1967) version of Cocteau’s 1930 play La Voix humaine, The Human Voice right here, with the wonderful Bergman. One of the great one- person gigs… Go Ingrid!


Here are various Momus links, mostly sleeping…


Click Opera

Early LPs to listen to and sigh are here.

Home (2009)

Here’s a link to Home, a 2009 BBC TV version of Ballard’s The Enormous Space, with Antony Sher. Just not quite (Wheatley’s) High-Rise enough for me. Budgets, one imagines.

But why aren’t the Beeb and/or Ch4 not making a Ballard-a-yr? It’s our cultural heritage init? We need a Ballard manufacturing company equivalent to Merchant Ivory. I christen it Inner Concrete. Now go…


JGB does Advertising

Following on from his 1958 Project for a New Novel, Ballard made this series of  five ‘Advertiser’s Announcements’ created and published from 1967 to 1971 in Ambit magazine. According to Ballard:

‘Back in the late 60s I produced a series of advertisements which I placed in various publications (Ambit, New Worlds, Ark and various continental alternative magazines), doing the art work myself and arranging for the blockmaking, and then delivering the block to the particular journal just as would a commercial advertiser. Of course I was advertising my own conceptual ideas, but I wanted to do so within the formal circumstances of classic commercial advertising — I wanted ads that would look in place in Vogue, Paris Match, Newsweek, etc. To maintain the integrity of the project I paid the commercial rate for the page, even in the case of Ambit, of which I was and still am Prose Editor. I would have liked to have branched out into Vogue and Newsweek, but cost alone stopped me…’

Much more on

Back to Ballard

Writing and reading on a train for 12 hours or so this weekend, and post a re-read* ‘n’ watch** of Empire of the Sun, I’m now into Extreme Metaphors – an exhaustive collection of Ballard’s interviews. Read an interview with editor Simon Sellars here.

Angela Carter on Empire of the Sun (1984).

*Definitely read this.

**There is no need to ever watch this.

Topping 2016 – Munich

Thank you to experimental ear owner (the ears are real, their preferred MO avant-garde) CM for this spot of my (previously unknown) talents, in Munich.

Who knew?

Twists in the Cord (or) Other Extensions of the Telephone

Before I head up to Hospitalfield in time for FIELDWORK International Summer School – Summer Festival, and thanks to a purchase of Civic Radar, a massive monograph of Lynn Hershman Leeson, I’m gorging on all things LHL today. Here’s a link to her 1994 ‘history of the telephone docudrama’, if you can believe the pigeon-holing, Twists in the Cord (or) Other Extensions of the Telephone.

And here’s a shot of Lorna. Off to watch Teknolust now…

Peter wins Best PKD Short Film at the 5th Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2017

Peter wins Best PKD Short Film at the 5th Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2017

Thank you to Dan Abella, the PKD crew and to all the filmmakers I met this week. A superb festival… I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. No really, at one point I was surrounded by alien abductees…

Here’s a Facebook thang.

Now, how to wear those laurels..?