Items of note

Sans Soleil

Revisiting Marker’s 1983 Sans Soleil this weekend was like visiting an old friend, one who has aged beautifully and is more inspirational than ever. Sigh.

Watch it here.

Screen Shots – Sans Soleil…

Screen Shot - Sans Soleil

Kate Davis – Charity

Thanks to Kate Davis, I popped along to the World Premier of Charity, the film made with the support of the 2016 Margaret Tait Award and Lux Scotland. Great to see a chum’s work in Cinema 1 at the GFT, and a full house. More about Kate and her work here


Is Chris Marker’s collage/collection of all sorts of works. Respectfully clunky, but maybe the only way to see Immemory without Macintosh OS9.


Here’s a little thing about formats.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Working for six days on the trot has clearly resulted in a feeding frenzy for my eyeballs. Here’s one for Iain, a turner, though presumably a well behaved one.

Directed in 1960 by Karl Reisz from Alan Sillitoe‘s novel.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (credits only)

Chat écoutant la musique – Chris Marker

In honour of Method’s appreciation of The Soft Machine earlier today, here’s the first of three Chris Marker films…

Chat écoutant la musique

From his collection Bestiaire aka Petit Bestiaire (1990), consisting of three ‘video haikus’. And now for owls and the zoo…

An Owl is an Owl is an Owl

Zoo Piece

Rabbit’s Moon (1972 version)

Also on today’s revisiting list is the 16 minute version of Kenneth Anger’s Rabbit’s Moon.

Kenneth Anger on set in 1950, Paris.

Here’s his 1979 version; speeded up and with the A Raincoat’s “It Came In The Night” looped…

Dichterliebe – another part of Herrmann’s One Night. One Life

A more straight forward performance/recording from director, Christine Schäfer and Natascha Osterkorn on piano this Schuman. This is the second part of One Night One Day by Oliver Herrmann.

Bone up on Dichterliebe here.

Better info on Oliver Herrmann here.

Iman walking in the 80’s

Watch for a minute here.

Bruce Nauman’s corridors…

…come in many forms. Here’re two:

Live Taped Video Corridor (1970)

Walk with Contrapposto (1968)

And here he is doing some walking:

Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk) (1968)

Walking in an Exaggerated Manner (1967-68)

and the ubiquitous Lego version is here.


Thank you Soft Machine…

…for Thank You Pierrot Lunaire. Listen to this, with some footage the band on tour with Hendrix, right here.

The whole of Soft Machine Volume Two is here.

Method is an absolute kittenish tumshow joy bundle with this on this morning. Who knew?