March, 2016

Camille Henrot

Much revisiting going on this week. Realised that I’ve not posted any Camille Henrot love. Grosse Fatigue images hint at the luscious sharpness of my one of my favourite recent works.  Living Dying Woman (2005) is verging on the mournful! Scratch on/in behind the scenes and cut through that screen, erm, girlfriend. Ahem.henrot camille_henrot_grosse_fatigue.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

Katalin Varga (2009)

Thinking about Peter Strickland’s The Duke of Burgundy (2014) today, so I watched his 2009 ‘revenge flick’ Katalin Varga. Watch it, and listen to it, here. Buy it here. Interview with Strickland here.



Shivers (1975)

This is basically High-Rise, but with an infectious mechanism – and the set dressing isn’t retro, it’s straight out the box.

Trailer for Cronenberg’s 1975 body shock sexploitation flick here. It’s his first full length film.

‘Everything is erotic, everything is sexual, you know what I mean?’




Felicity Hickson and Michael Eaton on High-Rise design

In this month’s Creative Review: Inside High-Rise


After Brickjest comes… Brick High-Rise!

As he sat on his balcony eating... you know the drill

As he sat on his balcony eating… you know the drill

Peter (2014) as a paper object

This is kind of the shooting script and the start of making Peter exist as an object as well as a video. Started ages ago, I should really do something with this.

Peter as a paper document


Because I should be writing…

…I am therefore watching, reading and posting about High-Rise.

But I am thinking. How to connect Buffy’s Beljoxa’s Eye to Baudrillard’s collected object..?

High-Rise – The Movie

Here’s another version of High-Rise, by Mike Bonsall.

The Atrocity Exhibition BBC film (1970)

Made 3 years before Crash was published, 5 before High-Rise came out.

The Atrocity Exhibtion (2000)

On a Ballardian kick, this morning I am watching Jonathan Weiss’ The Atrocity Exhibition, 2000. It feels like the book – barren and dense, both visually and psychologically.

Not easy to find a clip online, so here’s a link to a pretty grumpy interview about it.