March, 2016

Consumed – David Cronenberg

Thinking about my work this week, I realise that Cronenberg’s Consumed (2014), his first novel, is actually kinda pivotal. Two lovers connecting via Skype, the cannibalism of a French philosopher, gadget (camera) obsession, 3D printer recreation of the body via email instructions, Kim Jong-un.

See what I mean? No wonder I’m making Screen Used.

Sure, you could call it sub-Ballardian, but it’s just what he’s into, right?

Buy it here (or I got it for £3 in Fopp). Review here.


“Well, yes,when you no longer have any desire, you are dead. Even desire for a product, a consumer item, is better than no desire at all. Desire for a camera, for instance, even a cheap one, a tawdry one, is enough to keep death at bay.”

‘Was the iPhone a malevolent protean organism, the stem-cell phone, mocking him who had cameras with real physical shutters whose sound you couldn’t turn off?’

“We’re all photojournalists now. It’s no longer enough just to write.”

“That’s why we say that the only authentic literature of the modern era is the owner’s manual.” […] “Auto-flash without red-eye reduction. Set this mode for taking pictures without people, or if you want to shoot right away without the red-eye function.” She laughed that rich, husky laugh, and repeated, this time with great drama, “Set this mode for taking pictures without people.” A shake of the head, eyes now closed to fully feel the richness of the words. “What author of the past century has produced more provocative and poignant writing than that?”

Eye Eye – A gif for you

Belojoxa's eye 3Feel free to download this. I own about a 30th of the object, so it’s a 30th OK.

Waves! Whitby! 2011!

An old film made again.

But weren’t you meant to be matching research framework wheel codes onto blog posts this afternoon Topping?

Yes. Yes I was.

Transit #3 Zine online

Read the brilliant zine right here. Thank you Marcus Jack.




Society of the Spectacle 1973

And now I am cramming, erm watching, this film Guy Debord made of his 1967 book. The image/subtitle quality is pretty poor here, so unless tu peux parler français, je recommande keeping the book next to you (comme moi). Prendre plaisir!

Society of the Spectacle 1973 (Part 1)


Joyce Wieland

Here she is on UbuWeb.

Gerbils at a Canadian Cherry Festival in Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968)!

From Cat Food, 1967

From Cat Food, 1967

Paul Sharits

On a Structuralist Film bent this am. Here are a few links, never to the films I want to see in particular of course:

Paul Sharits and on UbuWeb here.


T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G 1969

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G 1969

Touch Screen Sizzle

Made for balance. Must. Write. Now…

Touch Screen Technicolour & Buzz

Once more adhering to my habit of making something when I should be writing something, here are a couple of super-short films I made in bed this morning. Think of them as screen savers (to come).

23/06/2016 – Sorry, the Technicolour version is now off line. Email me if you’d like to see it.

25/07/2018 – Touch Screen (Technicolour) is on Vimeo again – but email me, cos you’ll need the password…

Keren Cytter

Onto Keren’s Vimeo Channel this am to watch Video Art Manual (2011) and Corrections (2013), but of course I took a glance at Catbye too. Keren’s work is here. A random review here.


Video Art Manual, 2011