View from Cockforest

The Luck of Edenhall

My contribution to this group exhibition’s publication, 2014. Curated by Linda Fitzgerald.

Publication Image

Publication Image

In 1989, when we were both 17 and I had learnt to drive, Ross (my best friend and boyfriend) and I took a trip north.

At a seaside village on the west coast of Scotland, we visited a jumble sale in the church hall, at which I failed to buy a copy of the first UK edition of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? for 10 pence. Thinking back to that moment I can remember that I simply couldn’t be bothered carrying it around.

On the same trip, though not the same day, Ross bought a real mole skin from a pile of tiny skins in a box, literally under the counter in a village shop. It looked like a miniature, elegant rug for a dolls’ house.