The BR2049 – Baseline Test

The BR2049 – Baseline Test

I wish this was in the shops now…

Until then, you can achieve a similar effect by asking a friend to shout Nabokov at you through the door of an airport toilet.

The Isle of the Dead: the Jumper

The Isle of the Dead: the Jumper

Mentioned in Ballard’s The Crystal World and strongly hinted at in Nabokov’s Despair, I’ve always loved Arnold Böcklin’s The Isle of the Dead.

Here’s a version…

And now I have the jumper. I am the Isle of the Dead – a veritable picture of goth in mohair-blend by Coach. I’ve not loved an item of clothing as much as this since my Hi-Tec Nationals, circa 1985. Listen to some Rachmaninov and stare at the fine mohair blend – of death…

Eye am, in fact, living – just not posting…

Eye am, in fact, living – just not posting…

…I appear increasingly less interested in blogging it would seem. Though I’m sure it’s just a phase, no doubt connected to a recent desire to shun devices in favour of, well, the quiet life.

In a short blast of posts today, I’ll catch up by broadcasting some items of interest and others of note. Consider this, as I write…


She Was a Visitor – No.35 Project with Alex Hetherington

She Was a Visitor – No.35 Project with Alex Hetherington

Thank you to everyone who came along to She Was a Visitor, the last No. 35 project by Alex Hetherington. Alex used my work and imagery as a jumping off point, writing and designing a gorgeous text which was launched (in very limited edition) while we played around with, 

watched Peter, nou and Disaggregated Industries.

More on Alex’s work here.


Hymns for Robots – Noctium Theatre at Carlisle Fringe

Hymns for Robots – Noctium Theatre at Carlisle Fringe

When do I ever get to Carlisle Fringe? Never. So this year I made sure I caught Hymns for Robots, at The Old Fire Station. I hadn’t even realised that Delia Derbyshire had lived in Cumbria. Some interesting interpretations of interviews with Derbyshire and quite a few magical moments of sound, though I would have loved more…

More about the show here.

Noctium Theatre website here.

Loads of Derbyshire info on Open Culture here.

Lucy Skaer and friends at Talbot Rice

Lucy Skaer and friends at Talbot Rice

Got quite overwhelmed by Lucy’s show at Talbot Rice. The jewel-like precision with material is so appealing, things appear to fit so snuggly into and around other things, the urge to stroke is strong. And there are works from the collection (University of Edinburgh) – including a simply amazing memo about a dog from one of those old kings that they used to have (make haste! in quivering hand on folded post-it). Plus Will Holder’s reinterpretation of H.D.’s Palimpsest is there, just for you to pick up and take home, Hanneline Visnes contributions include a smashing Egyptian cat (wrongly interpreted by me as a Secret Dog Tree), Fiona Connor opens up walls in odd places and there’s a chance to see the Nashashibi/Skaer video Why Are You Angry?, a return to the gaze of Tahitian women – a re-gaze really, one that’s always on the edge of concern.

The Green Man on Talbot Rice website here.

A letter from King James VI

Please accept my apologies, world.

I know, I know, we are all very busy people, but I’ve gone all unbloggy and we all know that one should try to remain as bloggy as possible in these times of share and over share. Well, quite.

So what has been going on?

I’ve been busy working on nou, my new film, which had its first outing at GI (Glasgow International) in May as part of Old Hair.

Then there is the publication of Peter & nou, beautifully designed and now distributed by Good Press. Out now!

And there is now a new website, made ever young and frustrating at my request by Patricia de Vries. Visit it at:

More on all these to come… In the mean time, here’s a picture of my teeth.

Kevin Hutchison



Peter now screening at Institut Finlandais – 5pm today

A change of venue for Peter’s Premiere to the Institut Finlandais. Here’s some info about the festival for you:

Peter in french

International Festival Signes de Nuit

An Independent World Festival


Since 2003 the international Festival SIGNES DE NUIT is active in Paris and world wide. In these last years we have presented some thousand films from around 70 countries in our principal yearly festivals and on the same time in around 140 programs in collaboration with cultural institutions and festivals in up to now 33 countries, among those Algeria, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Peru, Russia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, United States …

The International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT based in Paris is made up of films, which reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experimentation.,


The festival shows films and audio-visual works coming from all over the world, which test new audio-visual languages and in the same time are interested in current problems and situations of present societies. The purpose is to establish a global communication which escapes from the simplifications of the mass-media.

The special artistic forms of these films, which combine sound, image, movement, rhythm, text, space, surprising perspectives and different time structures carry not only an aesthetic purpose, but also broaden the possibilities of communication and understanding between people coming from very different mental, social and physiological backgrounds. To create this international sensitization facing the negative consequences mass communication and stereotypes seems to us a necessary responsibility of the modern cinema and audio-visual production.

Open the Space

The minor costs of digital production makes an independent from commercial influences and any kind of censorship- production possible. These independent productions create an alternative, an artistic space very subtle and accessible to all, in contrast to what mass media offer.

This opposition and the preservation of the free cultural space is the goal of the International Festival Signes de Nuit.

In 2013 the festival has been transformed and is now also performed in Germany, in Berlin and Saarbrücken.


Our target is to establish an international communication and transmission with the aim of cultural awareness for differences and nuances of mental and psychical forms of expression and life styles based on their social conditions. In other words, we are focused on thematics concerning the world wide ongoing technical and cultural transformations in our actual societies and looking for works treating these aspects on a complex artistic viewpoint.

The cinematographic and audiovisual media allow this exchange. The festival is the form of its concretisation, consolidation and refection. In this sense, we want to create more than a festival among many others. We want to establish a cultural forum of communication and transmission, which isn’t provided by other medias (mass media, Facebook…).

From the website here



Even or Perhaps, Laurence & Jack Figgis at DCA, Sat. 2nd August 2014

I’m really disappointed to be missing out on Laurie’s new performance, a week on Saturday at DCA, Dundee. You go and then tell me all about it please.