View from Cockforest

AMIF 2016 – evening session…

Managed to get to Tramers in time for the last three events of the Sarah Tripp curated Saturday bit of the Artist Moving Image Festival yesterday. So annoyed to have missed favourite Kate Briggs‘ performance earlier.

Aniara Omann‘s performance (by John Nicol) took us back to teenage bedrooms, plaintive singing along…

Catalogue by Holly Antrum contained some fantastic readings by Jennifer Pike on 16mm.

Sian Robinson Davis‘ self-selecting squirm-fest was genuinely on the edge of disaster at all times.¬†Riveting,¬†insanely brave, made entirely by the generosity of overall good egg, plucked from the audience, who’s name, criminally, escapes me. Eve? Stewart Lee-esk at times – just how straight can comedy be?