The Immaterial Salon

Thanks to curator Francesca Zappia (one-third of C-E-A – French Association of Curators), rabbitcottontoothcottonrabbit is part of The Immaterial Salon, a curated digital programme which runs alongside the IRL ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, 25-28 August 2022. The Immaterial Salon expands C-E-A’s SIX YEARS Project into the digital realm and will be accessible beyond ART-O-RAMA’s dates (more to follow).

Francesca has written a brilliant text which responds to, develops and extends the Alice in Wonderland- hypnotic-cacophony that is rabbitcottontoothcottonrabbit (and I hope will become part of it too, if she allows…).

More on Francesca and C-E-A’s SIX YEARS project here.

More on ART-O-RAMA here.

Visit Francesca’s own digital project, Past Forward here.

rabbitcottontoothcottonrabbit screen shot