Amsterdam 2007-08

In a clean up of an old hard drive I found these images of work I made when I was in Amsterdam on the SAC (as was) Residency back in 2007-08. Ancient history of course, but as I ease myself back into the studio after making some changes to my working practices (farewell UoCIoA, hello GSA) and after spending most of my time writing, I thought this work might be worth revisiting.

Most of this stuff is lost, painted over, binned and it never really got out there at the time – it just all seemed too bloody poignant. But there you go, I used to make things in analogue, using materials. I’ve included titles where I have them (they’re often better than the work). Dimensions, as they say, are variable.

American Apparel (Photograph, C-Type print)
Angela (Electrical tape, found film still)
Any Minute Now (Photograph, magazine page)
Article I (photograph, oil on board)
Article II (photograph, oil on board)
Blue Desk (oil on MDF)
Creatures (oil on MDF)
Oil on board, photograph
Frederique (electrical tape, found film still)
Glass Grace (gaffa tape, oil on canvas)
Hung (magazine page, oil on board)
It’s Probably Got Something to Do With Clarity (oil on board)
Just What Acceptance Would Have Involved (magazine clipping, found film still)
Landscape (oil on MDF)
Oh Boy! (Oil on board)
Oh I Can Keep This Up Indefinitely (Oil on board, electrical tape)
Oil on MDF
Rockin Is Dodelijk (Oil on board)
You Are the Centre of the Universe (oil on board, electrical tape)
Some Imagined Future Resembling Our Own (Oil on Canvas)
Study for the Total Annihilation of Space (Oil on board, photograph)
Study for the Total Annihilation of Time (Oil on board, photograph)
Ubik (graphite, photograph)
Oil on board
Oil on canvas
Welcome to the Convention (Graphite, photograph)