A Thing What I Wrote (2020)

Delivered to the University of Cumbria Research Office, Lancaster in a suitcase at 3.30pm on Thursday 27th February 2020. Thankfully then Professor Robert Williams and family took me out for a pint. Now I have no idea what to do with myself…

The Peter & nou Handbook: A Field Guide to a Speculative Practice (So Far) (2020)


This text examines The Peter & nou Project, a developing body of work consisting of four entwined works – two videos, a publication and an online artwork. The project is one strand of an interdisciplinary art practice which is concerned with making, particularly making the moving image, in a post-digital context. The project offers a significant contribution to the recent trend in British contemporary art which David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan have called ‘fictioning’, a term which refers to practices which blur the boundary between reality and fiction. Through its dense weave of methodological approaches – including use of the archive, science fiction tropes, the cut-up, altered states and intertextuality – The Peter & nou Project operates beyond the gallery space and demands a calling into question of truth on both a personal and cultural level. The project contributes to a range of discourses across discipline areas including fine art, filmmaking and literature, opening up new areas of discussion and offering fresh perspectives in each. Works from the project have been exhibited in galleries and screened in film festivals internationally and have been the focus of discussion at a number of conferences and symposia. In 2017, Peter (2014) won Best Philip K. Dick Short Film at The Fifth Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, New York.