July, 2018
Cells Out

Cells Out

Thank you to Catherine Owen for reviving some old images of The Chateau’s Launch event in 2003, which I was at. Here’s a link to Cells Out at the Old Courtroom and Jail which I was at and had work in. I seem to remember that it was a brown tape based wall drawing… ah, memory lane…

Image is work by Gregor Wright – happy birthday G.

Touch Screen (Technicolour) (2016)

Touch Screen (Technicolour) (2016)

Once more adhering to my habit of organising something when I should be writing something, here’s an update on an old post:

‘Once more adhering to my habit of making something when I should be writing something, here are a couple of super-short films I made in bed this morning. Think of them as screen savers (to come).

23/06/2016 – Sorry, the Technicolour version is now off line. Email me if you’d like to see it.

25/07/2018 – Touch Screen (Technicolour) is on Vimeo again – but email me, cos you’ll need the password…’


A 35mm 208-ish Frame Version of Blade Runner…

A 35mm 208-ish Frame Version of Blade Runner…

…for the Harp Room (2017). I’d forgotten about this film, made at Hospitalfield this time last year. Watch it here.

Like the other 35mm 208-ish Frame films (and there are around 20 of them, you can see them if you are fortunate at it’s made with scraps of an original 35mm copy of Blade Runner.


What I’ve been looking at of late…

What I’ve been looking at of late…

Ancient history – They are the We of Me @ GoMA (2005)

Ancient history – They are the We of Me @ GoMA (2005)

Just found this link to an archive of GoMA, and my solo exhibition of 2005, They are the We of Me (idiotic capitalisation decision there was all my own). The show was ok, but Laurie Figgis‘ essay and Sarah Smith‘s review are both excellent.

A work in this show (a wee oil painting, long since given away) became the song The Why, What Baby? by Kathryn Joseph.


Alchemy: The Curios Society @ The Whitechapel

Alchemy: The Curios Society @ The Whitechapel

I was highly excited to be in the mix and contributing a text/talk for Alchemy: The Curios Society, alongside the amazing duo of Kate Briggs and Robert Williams. All connected to Mark Dion’s Theatre of the Natural World show at the Whitechapel…

And then the snow arrived and I was trapped in the Greggs on Glasgow’s Gordon Street (it’s a sit-in Greggs, with brick wallpaper, so very much like being in Shoreditch/Finnieston) unable to move below Crosshill, let alone below Maw-well.

So I swiftly rewrote the text and had Fiona, the Scottish electronic Word person, read it for me remotely. Prof. Robert Williams, always a pleasure, was my remote ‘Igor’ – thank you Robert. Introduced by the ever patient Jane Scarth, this happened way back when… 3rd March 2018, The Whitechapel, London.

In the future times, you will be able to listen to the gig here. In the mean time, here’s the title image of ‘Fiona’s’ talk, where I (she) attempted to connect Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, mad female scientists, Villeneuve’s Arrival and Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman, with eggs, aliens and alchemy.

You know, I think I’ve mentioned this already…What does that mean?

nou (2018)

nou (2018)

As you may have gathered, Peter (2014) has a partner and an opposite. Here’s a link to a 2 minute clip of my new video, nou (2018): nou clip.

nou (18 mins, 2018) – Inspired by Scottish socialist writer Naomi Mitchison’s Memoirs of a Spacewoman, nou is a tale of space travel, hypnosis and transformation – across time and space, from an alien world to a dentist’s chair. nou is the sequel to Peter (2014), which won Best PKD Short Film at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, New York, 2017.

nou was first shown at Glasgow International 2018, as part of the always exciting Old Hairdresser’s programme, Old Hair, curated by Rob Churm.

Sound design for nou was by the inimitable Mark Vernon.


Thanks to Trish de Vries, Peter & nou comes in a web version.

Constantly evolving, never the same twice (though, technically, it could be the same twice, its just highly unlikely), frustrating, annoying and verging on the incomprehensible:‘s domain name refers to a specific moment in time and space;a narrative used by a dentist to hypnotise a child, looping over and over and over…

You can actually watch both Peter (2014) and nou (2018) here. Plus all my other works pop up at some point, though that’s the least of it…



Peter & nou – the book(s)

Here’s my new publication, Peter & nou.

Matt and Jess at Good Press organised this and Matthew Walkerdine designed it too. It’s element heavy, with a sticker of a lab rat in a kaleidoscopic space/time traveling tunnel included for you, gratis. You’re welcome.

It comprises a book called Peter (like the film Peter, 2014), a book called nou (like the film nou, 2018), two postcards and an envelope – all in a beautiful box. The whole package echoes the dimensions of a DVD ‘boxset’ and if you post off your envelope, you get yet another book sent straight back to you. Well you will, when I get the gorgeous new return envelopes made up. Hang in there…

Get your copy now – a limited edition of only 250 – available from Good Press here.

ISBN: 978-1-9995858-0-8

Speculative Realism and Science Fiction by Brian Willems

Finally, I get it. I think so anyway. This book is currently changing my heed, into a marginally more understanding heed. And an excited heed. Thank you Brian Willems for using the right tools for this geek. And thanks too to Rob Churm for programming a talk by Brian into the Old Hair Programme as part of GI 2018. 

Do yourself a favour and buy Speculative Realism and Science Fiction by Brian Willems.