Ilana Halperin – Geologic Intimacy

“We are delighted to present a selection of Halperin’s new project Geologic Intimacy (Yu No Hana) in Glasgow, after being previously shown in Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo, Kyushu, Japan; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scotland and The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The project is curated by Naoko Mabon and developed over a two-year period between the Japanese island of Kyushu and Scotland.

The exhibition features new geothermal sculptures formed over the course of a year, in the Kannawa hot springs of Beppu, alongside a geothermal sculpture formed in Iceland and new works on paper.

This new series of prints was developed with Peacock’s Master Printmaker, Michael Waight, utilising Yame Washi paper – the oldest Japanese handmade paper in Kyushu, in combination with hot spring minerals collected by Halperin in Beppu. A selection of Scottish soil was generously donated to the project and used to create ink, including soil sourced from Slighhouses Farm where James Hutton, the ‘Father of Modern Geology’, farmed and began to formulate radical ideas about the age of the earth and deep geologic time. The materials used to create the works on paper reflect the unique process used to form the geothermal sculptures in Beppu, continuing the narrative of exchange between the locations intrinsic to this project.”