June, 2017

I Love Dick on the telly

Well, who doesn’t? Lots to love in Jill Soloway’s  TV version of Kraus’ novel fav. of mine. Excruciating in its accuracy of artists and of desire. Hilarious of course. Some episodes directed by Andrea Arnold!

Local fact: Ciara Philips has been in a lift with Bacon.

The Handmaid’s Tale 2017

This 1985 Atwood has never shifted from my top ten, and, like 1984, it works because there’s nothing in it that isn’t happening right now, to someone, somewhere. While Orwell’s future is made richer with language (and even includes a glossary), Atwood’s uses small, creeping increments of privation in the hope our ears prick up a la Niemöller’s First They Came. Want to step back 100 years? Just switch off all access to bank accounts marked with an F. Argggghhhhh…

The 1990 film of The Handmaid’s Tale feels like a made for TV erotic thriller, but Bruce Miller’s 2017 TV version is impeccable. And it’s sprouting into meatspace, in good ways…

Handmaid’s Tale Protest against Ohio abortion bill

Some Press about Peter

Three mentions of Peter, and some ‘professor’…

ITV News, 


Outer Places 12 June 2017

and not forgetting

Cumbrian Crack (really) 26 May 2017

Peter (Screen Shot) Digital film 29:55, 2014, Jane Topping.

Peter (Screen Shot) Digital film, 30 minutes

Wasting Time on the Internet

Reading Wasting Time on the Internet by Kenneth Goldsmith this week, and planning workshops to test the resolve of the most share-hungry student…

Oh, and I’m also wasting time on the internet.

Twists in the Cord (or) Other Extensions of the Telephone

Before I head up to Hospitalfield in time for FIELDWORK International Summer School – Summer Festival, and thanks to a purchase of Civic Radar, a massive monograph of Lynn Hershman Leeson, I’m gorging on all things LHL today. Here’s a link to her 1994 ‘history of the telephone docudrama’, if you can believe the pigeon-holing, Twists in the Cord (or) Other Extensions of the Telephone.

And here’s a shot of Lorna. Off to watch Teknolust now…