January, 2017

Tony Bevan & Richard Youngs

Had my brain fried by Bevan and surprise (to me) guest Youngs yesterday at t’Hairdresser’s. Heard some noises I’ve never heard before. Ears actually flapped at one point – I was at 180 degrees to sax hole, I’m sure that’s the technical term.

And now I think you can buy disposable, mic-ed up kazoos. Who knew?

Thanks to Jazz Balls provider Colin and chums…

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Kate Davis at the GFT

An early 2017 treat and a great way to become excited about Kate’s forthcoming film, a result of the Margaret Tait Award 2016, was this screening of Disgrace, Denkmal and Weight at the GFT on Sunday.

Thank you Davis and LUX Scotland.

Denkmal, Kate Davis

Screenshot of Denkmal, Kate Davis


Screenshot of Disgrace, Kate Davis

Weight, Kate Davis

Screenshot of Weight, Kate Davis