12 Hour Action Group – Cooper Gallery, DCA, Saturday 3rd Dec.

Come to the pow wow, come to the pow wow, come to the pow wow now.

Just look at the contributors to this DCA Cooper Gallery event… uhHuh. I’m very excited about this indeed…

Keynote Speakers: Amelia Jones, Lynda Morris, Laura Mulvey,Adele Patrick and Marina Vishmidt.

Contributors: Anne Bean; James Bell; Tessa Berring; Anne Laure Coxam; Lynn Davidson; Cullinan Richards; Gordon Douglas; Rose English; Laura Edbrook and Sarah Forrest (Sick Sick Sick); Georgi Gill; Marjorie Lotfi Gill; Althea Greenan; Jane Goldman; Victoria Horne; Kirsty Logan, Linder; Katharine Meynell; Rachel McCrum; Jane McKie; Theresa Munoz; Annabel Nicolson; Su Richardson; Hannah O’Shea; Sarah Smart; Catherine Spencer; Alice Tarbuck; Amy Tobin; Karen Veitch; JL Williams.

Ringmistresses: Beth Bate, Cullinan Richards, Sophia Hao and Catherine Spencer.

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12 Hour Action Group