Went to the GFT to see Mirror on the big(ish) screen and had an informative chat about it before hand with a woman in Sleazy’s who had once failed an exam on it. Of course, the wind in the field is stunning, but so is the scene of panic as Margarita Terekhova searches for a typo at…

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About an hour of Christian Marclay’s The Clock

Watches and clocks are the least of it.

Because all montage brings you here. Isn’t interesting how we try to watch this, the most precise of works? Out of time, offbeat, from the side, in dribs and drabs. Thanks to kottke.org. About an hour of Christian Marclay’s The Clock. About The Clock here.

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Ben Rivers at Hamburg Kunstverein

Screen shot from Slow Action by Ben Rivers

Nowhere near finished my Hamburg Report. At the Kunstverein was a Ben Rivers show. The first film, with a struggling narrator and a volcano, was the highlight for me. Show details here. Ben Rivers here.

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Attention Required on Your Vimeo Account

To ensure delivery, add no-reply@vimeo.com to your address book. Hello Jane Topping, A Vimeo moderator marked your account for review for the following reason: Vimeo does not allow you to upload material that you did not create yourself. You need to take the following action as soon as possible: Please remove any and all videos…

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The Nabokov Paper Returns

Cover of The Nabokov Paper, 2013, Information as Material.

There will be a small installation of The Nabokov Paper at Forms of Criticism, organized by Kaja Marczewska of the University of Westminster at Parasol Unit on June 30th. More info here.

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IKFF – An impeccable jury team

I was hugely fortunate to team up with Siegfried Alexander Frauhauf and Christoph Girardet as the NoBudget Jury. Smart conversation and hilarious wurst coin debates were but the tip of the iceberg – what a team. Sigi was also showing Vintage Print (2015) in the International Competition and Christoph personne (2016), made with long time collaborator Matthias Müller.

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IKFF – Other Favourites – D.^^.$.® by Samuel Fouracre

D.^^.$.® by Samuel Fouracre is the best film about relationships now I’ve seen since Francis Stark’s My Best Thing. After seeing D.^^.$.® (Dance Music Sex Romance) I immediately wanted to watch it again and again and again. A Bret Easton Ellis of a film. Loveit. More by/about Fouracre here.

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