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Trees are blooming, frogs are spawning and the huntsman Orion is giving way in the night sky to the crouching lion of Leo. It is perhaps of no coincidence that this celestial ballet of motion and light intersects so perfectly with the calendar of cinema and, specifically, with the arrival at CCA of Glasgow Short Film Festival, 16 – 20 Mar.

Entering its ninth year GSFF has become a touchstone of the international circuit, being among the most rigorous and exciting explorations of short-form cinema. The programme features tightly curated, thematic strands including a selection of films produced amidst the ongoing conflict in Syria; an investigation into ways in which multi-platform, non-linear and online technologies intersect with cinema (Bleeding Edge); and, a unique collaboration with Scottish Ballet exploring the potential of the Dance Film. The festival is also known for its carefully chosen retrospective strands, and this year features the work of underground Berlin filmmaker Jan Soldat. Primarily a documentarian, Soldat’s intimate portrait films infuse casual domestic observation with a kind of queer sensibility, provoking a broad discourse around sexuality, relationships and the cinematic gaze. Soldat will join the Scottish Documentary Institute during the festival for an in-depth conversation around his practice and the politics of access and consent in documentary.