White Wash Death Watch in Glasgow Short Film Festival 2016

WWDW image w GSFF laural

Hurrah! This enigmatic wee video gets to be part of this film festival. Ross Birrell is in competition too, and his film is bound to be excellent.

Check out the festival here.


CCA THEATRE Saturday 19 March (19.00) 1h45m, N/C 18+

Featuring the hilarious Last Exit to Ricklesburgh and schlock horror epic Flamingo – how do you feel about the sight of blood…?

Break  Lewis Paterson  2015  8 min
Of the Excellency of Wheate  Richard Ashrowan  2015 9 min
The Really Scary Snakes  Robert Duncan 2015I 1 min
White Wash Death Watch  Jane Topping  2015  10 min
Flamingo  Bryan M Ferguson  2016  30 min
Odd Girl Out  Louise Bell 2015  3 min
Last Exit to Ricklesburgh  Chris Miller & Russell Miller  2015  21 min