Glasgow welcomes refugees – Queens Park

Glasgow Welcomes Refugees

Managed to catch Lumboo Baig, Gummy Stumps and Richard Youngs at this grand day out, south-side style. They raised over £1000 in support of Glasgow Night Shelter’s ongoing work and their efforts towards a Women’s Night Shelter for asylum seekers in Glasgow.

1.00PM Kaspar Hauser
1.25PM Beketi
1.50PM Bad Aura
2.15PM Sharptooth
2.40PM Smack Wizards
3.05PM Tut Vu Vu
3.30PM Sick of Talk
3.55PM Spinning Coin
4.20PM Lumboo Baig
4.45PM Gummy Stumps
5.10PM Richard Youngs
5.35PM Breakfast Muff

15 minute performances introduced by compere!

Free entry. Collecting Money for Glasgow Night Shelter.

* ALL AGES * normal park/public space rules apply