LUX Scotland’s AMIF The programme

If you’re in Glasgow, this seems essential this weekend:


#AMIF2015 examines the role of collective thinking and making. Presenting collaborative forms of production and research, this year’s festival considers what it means for a group to constitute a single body of work and, inversely, how one can speak on behalf of collective thought or action. It is programmed by collectives and collaborators with an explicit link to Glasgow, and co-organised by Tramway and LUX Scotland, with support from LUX.

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1230 Transmission: Film Open 1. Including work by: Jack Saunders, Lewis Den Hertog, Karen Cunningham, Susannah Stark, Fred Pederson, Emma Charles, Liam Allan, Matthew Parkin, Maryniak and McLean.
1345 tenletters: ‘Volume 2: A Set for Your Generation’. Featuring Shulie (1997) by Elisabeth Subrin.
1400 tenletters: ‘Volume 3: A Set for Generating Yourself’ Including work by Anja Kirschner and David Panos.
1500 Norms, part 1: ’and i was interested’
1645 Public discussion, led by Glasgow LUX Critical Forum, exploring the #AMIF2015 programme, and the ideas contained within the screened work.
1815 Learning in a Public Medium: Selected Shorts by Stuart Marshall. Including works from Marshall’s series’ Mouthworks (1975-76) Soundworks (1975-77),The Love Show Part 2 (1980), Pedagogue (with Neil Bartlett, 1988) and the rarely seen late work Robert Marshall (1991).
1930 Learning in a Public Medium: Bright Eyes (1984), Stuart Marshall’s influential and polemical documentary made at the beginning of the AIDS crisis for the 11th Hour series on Channel 4. Introduced by Conal McStravick.


1100 #AMIF2015 Workshop: The Love(s) Show: Parts 1, 2 & 3(booking essential). As part of Learning in a Public Medium, which examines the life and legacy of Stuart Marshall, Conal McStravick will lead a reading and performance workshop with writer Laura Guy and filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall.
1345 Learning in a Public Medium: Legacies. A programme responding to the legacy of Stuart Marshall and the AIDS crisis on video featuring Lorna Boschman, Richard Fung, John Greyson, Barbara Hammer, Tom Kalin, Zoe Leonard & Catherine Saalfield, Pratibha Parmar & Marlon Riggs.
1500 Transmission: Film Open 2. Including work by: Stuart Layton, Toby Huddleston, Charlie Tweed, Jemma Egan, Buns, Alexander Story Gordon, Jane Topping, Aideen Doran, Grace Williams, Dan Auluk, and Laura Yuile.
1700 Second public discussion, led by Glasgow LUX Critical Forum.
1815 Norms, part 2: ’here are some specifics’
1930 tenletters: ‘Volume 4: A set for being alone together’


James Richards and Steve Reinke’s ‘Disambiguation’ on view throughout the festival in Tramway 4