February, 2015

Beware of Mr Baker

Thanks to Dr Mark Wilson, I now am. I am now very beware of Mr Ginger Baker. What an insightful documentary this is. Tell me, how did his children turn out to be so reasonable?

Website for the film is here.

Check him out, looking relatively sensible here…

Beware of Mr Baker

Ginger Baker. Watch yer sel’ son.

Orfeo ed Euridice

I’m no opera buff by any stretch, but I was pretty underwhelmed by Scottish Opera’s Orfeo ed Euridice on Saturday. Was it a matinée issue? Maybe it was the frumpy wig of Orfeo? Never mind, it’s all grist to the mill innit?

Scottish Opera: Orfeo ed Euridice

Scottish Opera: Orfeo ed Euridice, Theatre Royal.

Power Suit Yourself: Is the Power Suit Dead?

Part of the Glasgow Film Festival, was this little panel discussion, at the CCA on Saturday:

‘Since the heyday of shoulder pads in the 1940s, costume has been used to illustrate female power on screen. But when Sarah Lund’s woolly jumpers hit the headlines, did perceptions shift? A panel of guests will discuss wearable power and explore what this means today. The session will be illustrated by a presentation from students at the University of Edinburgh’s MSc Film Exhibition and Curation course.’

Mike Nichols’ Working Girl (1988) is centered on Tess McGill, played

Mike Nichols’ Working Girl (1988) is centered on Tess McGill, played by Melanie Griffith.


Material Language, Or All Truths Wait In All Things

Material Language, Or All Truths Wait In All Things, is Lorna Macintyre’s latest show, and it opened last Friday at Mary Mary. Consisting entirely of photographs, this is a delicate show of the natural and unnatural, with some smashing hanging decisions going on. Neil says ‘inspirational’. It’s a Two Cat Show as well – that’s two more cats than in my last show. What was I thinking?

Material Language, Or All Truths Wait In All Things

Lorna Macintyre, 2015


Dancing in a circle is a reminder that we are part of the whole

Popped into the Romany Dear show at the CCA on Saturday and spent ages rummaging in the excellent archive of performance related treats. There was free photocopying. Imagine that. Free.

Here’s the whole programme.

Romany Dear at the CCA


The Stuart Hall Project

This week I’m trying to watch as much John Akomfrah as is possible.

Here’s a link to a Frieze video about him.


And here’s a link to a version of The Stuart Hall Project, 2013.