February, 2017

David Bowie – Crystal Japan – Promo – 1980

Last David post of the day. Must be something in the air this morning. Stare at this:

Crystal Japan (1980)

David and Peter Frampton Search for a Beer in 1987

Oh David. Nice skipwork. For me however, Frampton never really comes alive. Thanks to Bickerton.

David smoking in Madrid here.

And while on David’s perambulations, here are some of his official walks…


Boys Keep Swinging

Ashes to Ashes

Iman walking in the 80’s

Watch for a minute here.

Bruce Nauman’s corridors…

…come in many forms. Here’re two:

Live Taped Video Corridor (1970)

Walk with Contrapposto (1968)

And here he is doing some walking:

Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk) (1968)

Walking in an Exaggerated Manner (1967-68)

and the ubiquitous Lego version is here.


Phillip Jeffries

In other words, barely there David in Fire Walk with Me. Look, this film is just not as disastrous as t’lad in thon Uni Film Club of 1994/that internet that they have nowadays would have you believe. Nicked off of Bruce Nauman bien sur. Can you see where my Sunday morning ‘research’ is heading, one foot after another..?

Thank you Soft Machine…

…for Thank You Pierrot Lunaire. Listen to this, with some footage the band on tour with Hendrix, right here.

The whole of Soft Machine Volume Two is here.

Method is an absolute kittenish tumshow joy bundle with this on this morning. Who knew?

Oliver Herrmann’s Pierrot Lunaire

So much of what I’ve enjoyed and been non-plussed by in film over the last two years suddenly has a context, all names withheld for parity’s sake. I’m not sure there’s a better way into Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire Op. 21 than this bit of One Night. One Life directed by Oliver Herrmann – made in 1999. 1999, I’m telling you *coff* *ahem*

Pierrot Lunaire here.

More (but not much more) on Oliver Herrmann here.