Teeth (2014) & Teeth II (2015)

Teeth II Screen Shot

Teeth (2:19 mins) inserts the artist, literally and amusingly, into the Blade Runner world. The video is an edit of a sequence in Blade Runner during which the female lead and love interest, Rachael (Sean Young), watches Deckard (Harrison Ford) get cleaned up after a fight. This section of the film is important as it…

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Let’s Not Talk About Money (2015)

Let's Not Talk About Money Screen Shot

Repeated viewing of films and the possibilities of delay, pause and reflection afforded by digital viewing offer Laura Mulvey’s possessive spectator the opportunity to hold onto favourite moments, fragmented from linear narrative. Mulvey claims that ‘In this delayed cinema the spectator finds a heightened relation to the human body, particularly to the star’. While it…

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31st Hamburg ISSF – No budget competition

NO BUDGET COMPETITION – GENERAL The NoBudget-film is both the festival’s origin and its laboratory. It creates an environment for radically subjective views, for experimenting, marginal, borderline, demanding, non-commercial and innovative short fi lms. NoBudget puts attitude and the creative process into the limelight. There are two prizes in this category: One is awarded by…

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Only a Free individual can create a free society – Grace Schwindt

Also at Tramway was a  new film by Grace Schwindt: ‘London-based German artist Grace Schwindt presents a new film at Tramway, Only a Free Individual Can Create a Free Society in which she revisits discussions witnessed during her childhood, surrounded by radical leftwing individuals in Frankfurt, Germany. A text appears in various forms throughout the film,…

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Pyramid Selling – Mick Peter at Tramway

Mick Peter

This May Day weekend treats included Mick Peter’s new show at Tramway: ‘Pyramid Selling is a solo exhibition of new sculpture. It draws on a number of sources, including those of literature, commercial illustration and graphic design. Mimicking the tropes of ‘witty’ graphic design from the 60’s and 70’s, the exhibition takes a satirical look at…

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MEDIA RELEASE: Ripples on the Pond

From Gordon Boag, Media Officer, Glasgow Life 30 April 2015GALLERY OF MODERN ART EXHIBITION TO CELEBRATE THE ACQUISITION OF WORKS INSPIRED BY THE GLASGOW WOMENS LIBRARY A new exhibition featuring works, which celebrate the 21st anniversary of Glasgow Women’s Library and Scotland’s only women’s library, is opening at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art. 12 of the…

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Spike Island Film open – the programme

FILM OPEN – Programme Times & Running Order Two one hour programmes will be screened on alternative evenings from May 1-4th at Spike Island. Index: Part 1     Friday 1 May at 5.15pm in the Associate Space, Spike Island Index: Part 2     Saturday 2 May at 5.15pm in the Associate Space, Spike Island Index: Part 1     Sunday 3 May at 5.15pm in…

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