One from the Vault

Just found this image of Rebecca Mellor’s work I cant go on, I’ll go on; Like I said I would from group show Vault at The Bank, Carlisle, 2010. And there’s my work, acting as a doorway in the background. Have a look at this and other works on Rebecca’s website here. The Bank was an…

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How do YOU pronounce Behemoth?

Illustration by David Black

It’s a first for me; reading a book recommended by a T-shirt of Gregor Wright’s. Or rather, reading a book on which a T-shirt was based. Read Mikhail Bulgakov’s lightly & wittily written, vividly realised, image-packed masterpiece here. There’s a solvent cat involved.

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Room 237

Room 237 disclaimer

Just re-watched this mesmerising 2012 documentary directed by Rodney Ascher. You can see it all on YouTube, but why not buy it instead? Here’s a YouTube clip: Danny’s Impossible Tricycle Ride

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Making Eyes

Making Eyes, 2010 Douglas Gordon

The installation of Douglas’ work at GoMA for Generation is a real treat. Includes almost everything so of course, Making Eyes is in there. Watch it here: Making Eyes

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No Other Possibility

Negativland still

Ahhhh, my new favourite thing, Negativland. So this is my new favourite film. Made in ’89. I don’t have favourite years. No Other Possibility

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Are You Locationalized, Tatham & O'Sullivan, 2014.

Running into Tom O’Sullivan on Friday reminded me how much I’m into Tatham and O’Sullivan’s new work for Generation. It’s all about the new, super-positive, intergalactic colour scheme for me. See works in Skye and North Uist: Are you LOCATIONALIZED

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Internet Curtains

Rumorz boots by Alex Pollard

Exciting to have Pollard back up in Glasgow, however briefly and to see new work by him, Iain Hetherington and Charlie Hammond at the Tramway on Friday. Albert wore a cape, easily winning Best Dressed on the Red Carpet. Internet Curtains Also, what an excuse to link to some Denim.

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Sonic Outlaws

Cover of the DVD Sonic Outlaws by Craig Baldwin

I’m consuming this film by Craig Baldwin. It starts with the knotty issue of copyright, as valiantly exploited by Negativland. “He’s paranoid, he’s not, I’m obsessional, David’s delusional.” “That’s our band!” Sonic Outlaws “Do you think perhaps that it’s a little voyeuristic?” “It probably is…”

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