Further Rigour Urgently Required

Thought you might enjoy this scathing review of my GoMA show in 2005 that I’ve just found online. I used to know who wrote it, but I don’t expect it matters. In summary: Local journalist is outraged by artist’s interest in process, her expectations of her audience and the anti-didactic black abyss that is work…

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A little early…

…and so still too light for a good view of PULSE. But I did get a wave. PULSE is a series of temporary and permanent artworks situated along London Road connecting Glasgow Green, and the Barras Calton in the East End of the city. As part of PULSE, Picture Window is screening a diverse selection…

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Repeat. And Again.

The Women: 8 Films looked fantastic on a big screen. So great to get it out & about, seen in a new context. Massive thanks to Mutley, Robert, Jason and all at The Poetry Club and SWG3.

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Danny Saunders…

…played a solo set, with the help of Laurel and Hardy. Though Danny is a better mover. And he sang with Ace City Racers. And his t-shirt is gorgeous. A true renaissance man. The electronic cigarette only adds to Danny’s dandy air.

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Ace City Racers…

…were excellent at The Poetry Club last night, launching their new single into the world. And they very graciously agreed to play in front of The Women: 8 Films. Listen to them here.

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Come closer…

… and appreciate the craftsmanship. Not mine of course. Paul Hughes printed the shirt and a right pain in the arse it was too. Looks superb though. Thank you Paul.

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Pulse – Picture Window 26 July – 3 August

The Women: 8 Films Digital Film 15:27 2013, The Women, Solo exhibition, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow, 2013, Jane Topping.

Picture Window are showing loads of films and other artworks, including one of my films, as part of GENERATION. It’s called PULSE This may be the best London Road will ever look. And have a look at this great mix-video Picture Window have put together: Picture Window PULSE is a series of temporary and permanent artworks…

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Teeth, Screen Shot, 2014

Have a look at this super-short new video I’ve made, called Teeth…

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Discordia T-shirt

Jane Topping Tshirt design

Here I am, nestled between Danny Saunders and Michael Fullerton. Buy yours now, direct from Patricia Fleming Projects. Further ‘colourways’ to follow…

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